SF Beer Week Celebrates Craft Beer in the Bay Area

Purge your livers, hide the children and head here to organize your schedule. Beer Week is almost upon us. Scores of venues all over the Bay Area have already lined up special beer-related events, from beer donuts to roast pig and from beerwalks to bike crawls, with plenty more to come.
Even though the opening gala on Friday, Feb. 7, is already sold out, no one will go thirsty for lack of beer during the 10-day celebration. The San Francisco Brewers Guild event has grown every year since 2009. Last year’s beer week featured 500 events. This year? Who knows? We only know that it will be more.
Like any great beer event, SF Beer week demands rigorous planning for optimum enjoyment. Or you could just say the heck with it and play it by ear. Either way you can’t lose. Having said that, downloading the calendar on the sfbeerweek, is absolutely essential. The Bay Area being what it is, anticipate heavy traffic on social media. Make sure your smartphone is primed and ready to go.
Stay tuned to this space for specific recommendations as SF Beer Week approaches.

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