Thirsty Bear: Firkin Tuesday

The Campaign for Real Ale, or CAMRA, was begun in England in 1971 in response to large brewers modernizing their beer by using filtered, artificially carbonated kegs in pubs. CAMRA describes real ale as “a natural product brewed using traditional ingredients and left to mature in the cask from which it is served in the pub through a process called secondary fermentation.” Examples of cask-conditioned beer, served at around room temperature, are relatively rare in the Bay Area, but Thirsty Bear in San Francisco offers $3 imperial pints of cask-conditioned real beer every Tuesday. It’s worth a visit if you’re in downtown San Francisco. Thirsty Bear is currently pouring a dry-hopped cask-conditioned Golden Ale. I stopped in at the Howard Street brewpub/tapas restaurant before checking out the Museum of Modern Art’s Photography Now, The Provoke Era, of photos from Japan, China and Korea. One of the photos was titled "British Food," though I'm not sure whether any of the pictured items would pair particularly well with a cask-conditioned ale. Entrance to the museum is free on the first Tuesday of the month.

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